This meter can test pH,mV, ORP, tesisitivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen and temperature in water solution, it is suitable used in lab for those units from industrial and mining enterprises,university and scientific research organ etc. There is a microprocessor chip inside the meter and the
2024/03/20 14:02
SKZ401 Rubber Vulcanizer is mainly used for vulcanizing flat type tape (such as conveyor belt, transmission belt, referred to as flat belt), belongs to hydraulic machinery, the main function of plate vulcanizing machine is to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization. The
2024/03/15 13:12
SKZ1050D gas analyzer is a data collector used in mine, tunnel engineering site, universities, scientific research laboratories, environmental monitoring, flue gas emissions, etc., which can quickly collect and analyze gas concentration components. The SKZ1050D gas analyzer can detect up to 18
2024/03/14 15:32
The principle of SKZ1062A wet method laser particle size analyzer is to measure the particle size distribution of particles in solid powder or emulsion. The use experience of laser particle size analyzer has been effectively improved, the particle size test process is more concise and efficient,
2024/02/28 14:11
SKZ111 paper carton moisture meter is a high-performance digital moisture measuring instrument introduced by our company in the domestic market with foreign advanced technology. The instrument adopts the principle of high frequency wave, the digital display, the sensor and the main body are
2024/02/23 09:51
SKZ108A/B Mullen Bursting Tester is a basic instrument for testing the strength of paper and paperboard. Its various performance parameters and technical indicators in line with ISO2759 "paperboard - determination of break resistance", GB1539 "Paperboard - determination of break resistance" and
2024/02/02 13:18
Minimeta is a maintenance-free single gas detector that is the most reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective inspection solution for ensuring worker safety and operational compliance. It provides protection for up to 2 years - no calibration, no sensor replacement, no battery replacement or
2024/02/02 11:10
Carbon black content tester is an instrument used to measure carbon black content in materials.The basic principle of the carbon black content tester is to quantitatively analyze the carbon black in the material by burning the carbon black in the sample in the oxygen environment.Method of
2024/01/26 11:11
Lab hot air oven is an indispensable utility for your daily workflow, from simple glassware drying to very complex temperature-controlled heating applications. Our portfolio of heating and drying ovens provides temperature stability and reproducibility for all your application needs.SKZ1015 hot air
2024/01/26 10:26
I'm sure the term Martindale wear test is not a new term for anyone in the textile field.The Martindale wear test means that textiles are tested according to the Martindale standard system, through which the wear resistance of the fabric is tested. Wear resistance refers to the resistance of the
2024/01/18 14:18
SKZ111B-4 Microcomputer rice polisher can complete the whole process of rice husking and brown rice grinding through automatic one time, which can quickly and truly judge the quality of rice. SKZ111B-4 Microcomputer rice polisher has the advantages of simple operation, good white effect, short
2024/01/12 11:05
Laboratory pH meter (acidity meter) is an electrochemical analytical instrument used to measure the pH value of aqueous solutions. The pH meter adopts the potentiometric method, and the main measuring components are the reference electrode and glass electrode. The reference electrode is stable,
2024/01/05 14:07