SKZ401 Rubber Vulcanizer

2024/03/15 13:12

SKZ401 Rubber Vulcanizer is mainly used for vulcanizing flat type tape (such as conveyor belt, transmission belt, referred to as flat belt), belongs to hydraulic machinery, the main function of plate vulcanizing machine is to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization. The pressure is generated by the hydraulic system through the hydraulic cylinder, and the temperature is provided by the heating medium (usually steam, thermal oil, etc., and superhot water is also useful). Flat belt vulcanization machine according to the structure of the frame can be divided into two categories: column flat belt vulcanization machine and frame flat belt vulcanization machine. At present, China uses frame flat belt vulcanization machine, compared with column flat belt vulcanization machine, which has the following advantages:

Under a certain center distance, a large diameter hydraulic cylinder is allowed to be installed, which can reduce the number of hydraulic cylinders, and the structure is simple and the maintenance amount is less; The force of the upper beam is reasonable, and the required section modulus is much smaller than that of the column type, which can reduce the weight. The manufacture and installation is simple, the pipeline configuration is hidden, and the whole machine appearance is neat and beautiful. The lateral stiffness of a single frame plate is worse than that of the column, but because the frame of the frame flat belt vulcanization machine is composed of multiple frames, the whole machine has sufficient lateral stiffness.

Matters needing attention:

1.Do not use the plate vulcanizer beyond the specified temperature.

2.If the equipment is faulty, the power supply must be cut off before processing.

3.When closing the mold, the hand should leave the vulcanization mold, and it is strictly prohibited to operate while closing the mold.

4. Wear good gloves when sending the mold to prevent burns; When the sample is glued to the mold, be careful to smash the hand when opening the mold to prevent landing.

SKZ401 Rubber Vulcanizer

SKZ401 Rubber Vulcanizer

SKZ401 Rubber Vulcanizer

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