PH510T PH Meter

2024/03/20 14:02

This meter can test pH,mV, ORP, tesisitivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen and temperature in water solution, it is suitable used in lab for those units from industrial and mining enterprises,university and scientific research organ etc. There is a microprocessor chip inside the meter and the appearance of meter looks nice with easily operation. For notable features read as follows: 

  1. Color High distinction LCD touchscreen, 4.3 inches.      

  2. Intelligent operation gadget offers points which includes person management, calibration management, electrode management, approach management, records management, Log Management and etc.

  3. Multi-reading characteristic permits auto-read, timed-read and continuous-read.

  4. Automatic/Manual temperature compensation ensures correct results. 

  5. Auto-hold characteristic senses and locks the dimension endpoint.

  6. Data Storage a thousand units for every parameter (GLP-compliant).

  7. Data evaluation function helps consumer review, evaluate and recalculate results.

  8. Support for USB communication.

  9. Auto-power off function efficaciously extends the battery carrier life.

  10. Reset characteristic routinely resumes all settings returned to manufacturing facility default options. 

  11. IP65 waterproof. The transportable meter is appropriate for fields measurements and out door measurements. 

  12. 1-8 factors calibration with Standard Recognition.

  13. Selectable pH buffer groups, consisting of USA, NIST, DIN, GB, MERK, JIS. 

  14. User-defined pH buffer or buffer crew is supported.

  15. Automatic electrode analysis with pH slope and offset display.

     PH Meter

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